Health Care

Electric cooperatives proudly offer health insurance benefits to their employees, retirees and their families. Strictly regulated under federal law, the NRECA Group Benefits Program is a national plan that allows each member co-op to design a comprehensive health benefits package tailored to meet the unique needs of its employees and retirees. NRECA‘s plans are uniquely designed in response to members’ needs and requests, with the goal of helping member co-ops manage costs while providing quality plans and services.

Medical & Prescription Drug Plans

The NRECA Group Benefits Program provides medical and prescription drug benefits to more than 100,000 co-op employees and family members. We offer a wide variety of plans, with many options, so each co-op can create a benefits program that balances its business needs with the benefit needs of its employees. We work closely with co-ops to help them develop workable, long-term strategies for managing benefit costs while continuing to provide high-quality benefit plans to attract and retain the best employees.

As a self-insured, multiple-employer plan, our sole reason for being is to meet the benefit needs of the co-ops participating in the Group Benefits Trust and to manage their money wisely. And, unlike other benefit providers, we ensure that the design and administration of our benefit plans and programs are based on direct input from co-op employees.

Deductible, coinsurance and out-of-pocket maximum options allow co-ops to customize medical plans to meet their needs. These include Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) Plans, High-Deductible Health Plans, and a unique Simple Plan (75 percent plan and 25 percent participant coinsurance) that encourages participants to be more involved in their health care, much like a high deductible health plan.

In addition to medical & prescription drug plans, NRECA also offers three Dental Plans with different coverage levels, three Vision Plans with various levels of coverage, comprehensive life insurance options, and both long and short-term disability plans.

To find out more about NRECA Employee Benefit Plans e-mail the NRECA Member Contact Center or call 866-673-2299.