Legislator Outreach

Developing strong relationships with key elected officials is an important part of your political planning process. On this page you will find resources to guide you when working with your elected officials.

Courting Congress: 3 Simple Ways to Build a Better Relationship Back Home

Your congressional representatives must know your story. Legislators need to see, first-hand, how electric co-ops are a staple in the communities they serve. What better way to tell your co-op’s story than to host your local official for a behind-the-scenes look at Co-op Nation? In this webinar, learn three simple ways to engage those representing you on Capitol Hill while they are back on their home turf.

Meet with Local, State and Federal Legislators

Elected officials need to hear from co-op leaders and meet their constituents in order to better represent them.

Invite Legislators to Annual Meeting

This type of engagement is a positive experience for elected officials, employees and members.