As part of the package of tools to help generate comments to the EPA, NRECA has created a new companion website, This website is designed to be an engagement portal for strategic partners and the general public. This tool allows us to reach beyond the traditional Co-op Nation advocacy base.

Market this site with our strategic partners, encourage our friends in the states to do the same. The idea is for our partners to direct their advocates to this portal through their own means of communications. is meant to be a companion site to the existing effort. does not require the advocate to select a cooperative making it easier for the general public to participate.

  • TellEPA Poster — This art can be used for large signs & posters.
  • TellEPA Business Card — A small business-size card with the on the front and ideas to spread the message on the back.
  • TellEPA Postcard — A ‘sign up’ card for use with the general public. There’s no request for coop information on the card.
  • Tell EPA Sign Up Card Dual Purpose — Reprint this to distribute at non-coop meetings asking attendees to engage in our national effort. There is a line to add local coop if it’s a mixed group. Anyone that indicates they belong to a cooperative should be entered at to credit that local system.

These items are ideally suited for the general public and in settings beyond your coop membership; such as Farm Bureau meetings, Chamber of Commerce, civic meetings, and any group meeting outside of the typical coop service territory.

Organizations with large membership that falls outside of the coop membership can use the website to engage their members. Encourage them to post a link on their home page.