RE Magazine Media Kit

Reach Today's Power Players

When you advertise with RE Magazine, you gain unparalleled access to a powerful rural electric co-op audience—the fastest-growing segment of the utility industry.

Rural co-ops own assets worth $164 billion —and they own and maintain 2.6 million miles, or 42%, of the nation’s electric distribution lines, covering three quarters of the nation's landmass. Every month, RE Magazine reaches 99% of this lucrative market. And more than half of our 20,000+ subscribers participate directly in purchasing decisions. .

RE Magazine has been rolling off the presses since October 1942.

RE Means ROI
Our approach to advertising is like the co-ops we serve: open, consultative, and personalized. From day one, our team helps you get the most from every ad dollar—recommending issues and placements within issues that align best with your brand and campaigns. We also include plenty of added bonuses with your exposure, including free reports that measure and track your ad's success.