Transmission and Substation Assets

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TSA - Transmission

Active Projects:
  • Energy Storage for Renewable Energy and Transmission and Distribution Asset Deferral
    Identifying technological advances in battery energy storage technologies for improved integration of renewable energy resources in the grid and the use of battery storage as a means to delay or defer substation additions or transmission and distribution reconductoring or other upgrades.
  • Improving Reliability of the Transmission Grid to Facilitate Integration of Wind Energy in Tri-State G&T and AECI
    Addressing improved utilization and operation of transmission capability to enhance wind energy integration. Focus on integration of wind generation with planning and operation of the power grid in compliance with NERC standard TPL-001-1.
  • Smart Wires Testing
    With NEETRAC, to field test passive current-limiting conductor (CLiC) modules (the precursor to full smart wires functionality).
  • Superhydrophobic Coatings Demonstration
    To fully conceive and document a multi-year demonstration project of superhydrophobic coatings technology, including establishing a testing protocol and approach for a successful demonstration of the efficacy of the nascent technology for reduction in storm damage and environmental degradation.