Volunteers in Yei, Sudan

It Is People to People That Really Makes a Difference

Missouri Linemen in SudanWhen people care, they can make great things can happen. The NRECA Foundation volunteers show their caring by taking action and going overseas to help. They have made a positive impact in the lives of many, by bringing power to the village and hope to generations of men, women and children.

Take for example the six linemen that traveled to Yei, Southern Sudan. They put “care” into action and traveled halfway across the world to help a community they had never even heard of before.

Southern Sudan is a country that endured a 21-year long civil war. NRECA International started work in 2005 to establish a local cooperative and build a self-sustaining distribution system.

Jamie Conrow, James Goodnight and Steven Baumgartner, featured in this interview, are all from Boone Electric Cooperative in Columbia, Mo. Cuivre River Electric Cooperative (Troy, Mo.) linemen Craig Larkin and Mark Ziegler and Valley Electric Association’s (Pahrump, Nev.) Bobby Ball, were all part of the team that helped build 2.5 kms of the system. To date, the local co-op is benefiting more than 18,000 people, both commercial and residential consumers.

Read about the linemen’s experiences (PDF) as published by Rural Missouri (March 2008).  Please consider donating to help us continue sending volunteers overseas.

Volunteering is not only about the great experiences of traveling overseas (to sometimes remote and rural areas). It is about making lasting impressions by the good work we accomplish as we electrify the world, one village at a time.