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Tanzania faces considerable challenges in bringing rural households and enterprises out of poverty due to the limited accessibility and reliability of electric power. The electrification rate — estimated at 10 percent — is one of the lowest in the world. NRECA International has been engaged by the Millennium Challenge Account  (MCA) for a data collection project to establish the baseline for measuring the impact of the Distribution Rehabilitation and Extension Activity. Through MCA, Tanzania seeks to increase access to and enhance the quality of electricity through the Energy Sector Project. By undertaking  key on-grid generation, transmission and distribution investments, including the Distribution Rehabilitation and Extension Activity, they will rehabilitate existing power distribution assets and extend the distribution network in six regions of Tanzania to serve an additional 215,000 customers.

NRECA International will conduct a baseline household/community survey in selected villages of the Mwanza, Iringa, Mbeya, Dodoma, Tanga and Morogoro regions of Tanzania and an enterprise survey in the Tanga region. NRECA Internatonal will develop the sampling frame and sample selection; develop and test the survey instruments (in Kiswahili and English); recruit and train data collection enumerators and data entry staff; develop and test the data entry, cleaning and documentation system; and conduct the surveys. The resulting databases will be used by MCA-Tanzania as the baseline to conduct an impact evaluation of proposed extensions of the national electricity grid in Tanzania.

Low Cost Energy Design Project

At the end of 2010, NRECA International began working with the Tanzanian Rural Energy Agency (REA) on a Low Cost Design project to expand electricity services in the Tanzanian countryside. Since the REA was established in October 2007, it has made noticeable gains, although there is still much to do. Along with the REA, NRECA International has been conducting feasibility studies to determine the possibilities and success of new programs that would cut in half the cost of electricity, making it easier for average consumers to connect to the grid, and ultimately a major step toward the government’s goal of 30 percent rural electrification by 2015.

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