International Stories

Read the stories from our staff, volunteers, and the people we serve in other countries. As it did for Americans 75 years ago, learn how safe, affordable and reliable electricity continues to bring better healthcare, education, economic growth and safety for people around the world.

Helping the People of Haiti

In the northern region of Haiti, the sleepy village of Caracol was without reliable electricity. Without power, Caracol’s 5,000 residents struggled, and most earned a meager living by fishing or mining the local salt flats. But now, you’ll find this tiny city starting to blossom, in part because of NRECA International
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NRECA international staff team members in Dhaka, Bangladesh have first-hand experience with electric co-ops changing their communities—the way many American co-ops did 75 years ago. These team members are customer information system (CIS) experts, seasoned electrical engineers, and they specialize in Geographic Informa
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Global Voices: Zach and Skeeter

Skeeter (left) and Zach (second from right) take a break with their Chilean counterparts Skeeter Ballard and Zach Rebstock, United Cooperative Services, Texas The NRECA International Foundation routinely sends volunteers overseas to work on projects that help provide reliable electricity to rural communities that don’t
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A Letter from Randy Erickson, South Sudan

South Sudan. How did a guy from Alaska end up in South Sudan? Maybe the question is why. The why part happened when Bob said he wanted to go to Church on Sunday before continuing our trip from Yei to Maridi. We arrived at the Church early but it didn’t take long for the pews to start filling up. It would be packe
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Daniel Sanders

Meet Daniel Sanders, a new member of the International Programs team but already a familiar face at NRECA as a product ofYouth Tour and his native Texan co-op. His time is split between Washington, D.C. and Haiti as he takes the leap into international rural electrificatoin.
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Let There Be Light

I’m driven to volunteer in ways that can help raise people up. As a new employee, I watched a video on NRECA’s work in South Sudan, and I felt the same motivation as the linemen to connect communities with power and hope. I wished I had some expertise to volunteer with the linemen overseas. Then seven years
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