Health and Safety Tips

We want you to have a fun, healthy, and safe time during Youth Tour. Please follow these tips:

  • You will be walking a lot — many miles a day in some cases.
  • Wear old, worn, comfortable shoes!
  • Read the packing tips (PDF) for suggested types of shoes to bring.
  • Pack any braces, support or joint wraps that you use, just in case.
Eye Care
  • If you wear contacts, bring wetting solutions — air quality and allergens can irritate.
  • Bring a spare pair of glasses in case of loss.
  • Bring sunglasses!
  • Remember to eat fruits, vegetables and salads, not junk food or fast foods. (You’ll need healthful foods for energy!)
  • Please indicate all medicines that you must take on the health forms provided by your cooperative.
  • Bring all prescription medicines in their original (labeled) containers.
  • Bring all regular medications as well as occasional usage medications (such as migraine medicine).
  • Drug and grocery stores are nearby for over-the-counter needs.
And don’t forget…
  • … a copy of health care and prescription cards (both sides).