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NRECA produces several publications to keep our members up-to-date with the latest news and information on a broad variety of topics, including industry and cooperative issues as well as updates from our international and research programs.



ECT.coop is NRECA’s daily online news site covering policy debates, emerging technologies, cooperative businesses and, of course, the people who make things happen.
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Rural Electric (RE) Magazine

RE Magazine

Rural Electric (RE) Magazine provides electric co-op leaders, chief executives and front-line employees with the in-depth information they need to make sound decisions in today’s fast-paced electric utility industry.
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NRECA International TieLine

International TieLine

NRECA International TieLine offers stories and information on rural electrification projects sponsored by NRECA around the globe. Subscribe to receive email updates.
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CRN TechUpdate

CRN TechUpdate

TechUpdate, sent direct to your inbox, reviews the progress of current CRN research projects and provides links to publications, articles, reports, web conferences and conferences. Subscribe to the bi-monthly e-mail update.
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