Global Voices

Enjoy a different perspective on the world through our global voices. Hear the stories from our staff, volunteers, and the people we serve in other countries. Get a glimpse into their lives and the work being done around the world.

Daniel Sanders

Meet Daniel Sanders, a new member of the International Programs team but already a familiar face at NRECA as a product ofYouth Tour and his native Texan co-op. His time is split between Washington, D.C. and Haiti as he takes the leap into international rural electrificatoin.
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Let There Be Light

I’m driven to volunteer in ways that can help raise people up. As a new employee, I watched a video on NRECA’s work in South Sudan, and I felt the same motivation as the linemen to connect communities with power and hope. I wished I had some expertise to volunteer with the linemen overseas. Then seven years
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