National Consulting Group


NRECA’s National Consulting Group (NCG) provides management and operations consulting services to cooperatives nationwide. The NCG assists members in maintaining the high standards and member focus that are the hallmark of the electric cooperative business model .

The NCG specializes in:

  • Governance
  • Utility operations
  • Leadership continuity
  • Human resources management
  • Business process design

Contact the National Consulting Group at 703-907-5699 for further information.


A Service for Electric Cooperatives, PPDs, PUDs and Their Boards of Directors

For more than 40 years, electric cooperative, PUD and PPD Boards of Directors have turned to NRECA Executive Search when the time comes to make that crucial decision of hiring a new general manager/CEO and other senior level executives.

“It is all about trust. NRECA is professional, they know us, know the program, the leaders, are more accountable and do a great job … we would not trust the future of our co-op to anyone else, they have our best interest at heart.” Kansas Co-op Director.

NRECA Executive Search’s seasoned professionals have extensive experience and an unmatched understanding of your business model.  They work across the country with our member-owners; matching their requirements with the right candidates; identifying leaders that will be the best “fit” as the next generalmManager, CEO or executive staff member.

The Executive Search team understands the risks inherent to the process, the challenges co-ops will encounter and facilitate a confidential professional process that empowers the board to select the best leader possible.

No single group of search professionals serving the electric co-ops has the breadth and depth of experience or track record as NRECA’s Executive Search team.

Executive Search provides service to:
  • Distribution systems
  • Statewide associations
  • Generation and transmission systems
  • Related groups and organizations
Before You Start Your Search: We Can Help.
  • Chat with an expert
    Let Ken Holmes know what’s on your mind. Ken is NRECA’s director of Executive Search services. He’s a great listener, understands your concerns and is just a phone call away (785-201-2148).
  • Schedule an informational discussion
    Arrange for an NRECA consultant to review with your board

    • What to expect in a search process
    • Risk management issues inherent to a search
    • The benefits to your board and members
    • Answer questions
    • Discuss the concerns and issues specific to your system
      • Video conference
      • Conference call
      • On-site visit
  • After the new CEO/ general manager is on board, let us facilitate a “Leadership Transition Workshop”
    This accelerates the acclimatization process. The results are more open communications, clearly defined expectations, roles, relationships and responsibilities achieving greater understanding and positioning the new CEO to be as effective and productive as possible.
NRECA’s Executive Search

The leading executive search resource for America’s electric cooperative utilities

There is a difference in service and value

Our search process can be tailored to fit the needs of the Board, some are urgent and we can move quickly, others are planned and the process can be more deliberate and less stressful.

First and foremost, we work for you, our member-owners; we work with thousands of candidates. Our loyalty and accountability is to the board. We facilitate a proven professional process that identifies the best possible pool of qualified candidates that will be a “fit” and want to be part of your organization’s family. With each search, we identify new leaders ready to take their next career step; always expanding our database of potential candidates (Co-op, Muni, IOU, other). We present the candidates objectively and the board votes as to who they will interview and who they ultimately hire. We do not play favorites or push candidates on the board. We owe the candidates a fair professional process and the boards our full loyalty.

  • Owned by you, our members … we work for your success
  • Most comprehensive detailed service available
  • The board makes the decisions, we facilitate the process objectively
  • Trusted, proven and confidential process
    • Identified by candidates as the preferred search service
  • We have the broadest network of relationships within the cooperative family
    • Directly communicate your opening to all of our members
    • Bring you the best pool of qualified candidates
    • We find those that are not actively out looking
  • Largest comprehensive national database of qualified candidates
    • Cooperative community
    • Utility industry
  • Providing executive search services for over 35 years to PUDs, PPDs, and Coops
    • CEO and Senior Staff searches
  • Placed over 475 CEOs, General Managers, and other cooperative leaders
  • Experienced team of professionals that will be there today, and tomorrow
  • As part of the National Consulting Group, we work with the systems to provide the tools and resources for success
    • CEO Transition Workshops
    • Strategic Planning
    • Organizational Assessments
    • Compensation and Benefit Analysis
    • Board Governance Workshops
  • Guaranteed services
  • Facilitate first years annual performance evaluation

We are accountable to you, our members, and have a vested interest in the success of your search. We know the cooperative model, industry, issues, people, and understand the critical nature of this great challenge and responsibility.
Executive Search Jobs

For more information, please contact:

Ken Holmes
NRECA Executive Search
Phone: 785-201-2148