Approved Plant List

To be considered for inclusion on this list, plants must go through a very structured process that starts with an initial plant walk-through to assess whether it has the proper equipment and trained personnel to process wood properly.

To complete the qualification process, the plant must then successfully produce a specified number of charges of white wood, followed by proper treatment of said wood, all under the careful eye of our partner, Timber Products Inspection. All of these steps must be completed within a 60-day period.

If a plant successfully qualifies and is listed on this list, it can be suspended or disqualified from the WQC program if it fails to maintain the same level of performance that it demonstrated during the qualification process.

There is no other published “Approved List” of plants associated with the cooperative program. WQC is also the only inspection/quality assurance program associated with the cooperative program that requires such a qualification process.


WQC Number Managing Company Plant Location Preservative Species Major Product
1 Langdale Forest

Products Co.

Valdosta, GA

(229) 333-2500

CCA SP Poles
2 Langdale Forest

Products Co.

Sweetwater, TN

(423) 337-6105

CCA SP Poles
3 Cox Wood of Alabama Vance, AL

(205) 633-8608

P SP Poles
4 Hughes Brothers Seward, NE

(402) 643-2991

P DF Xarms
5 Carolina Pole, Inc. Eutawville, SC

(803) 492-7728

CCA SP Poles
6 McFarland Cascade – Sheridan Sheridan, OR

(503) 843-2122

P, N DF, PP, WC Poles
7 McFarland Cascade Holdings, Inc. Whitmire, SC

(803) 694-3668

CCA SP Poles
8 North-South

Wood Preserving

North, SC

(803) 492-7728

P SP, DF Xarms
10 Baldwin Pole –

Mississippi LLC

Wiggins, MS

(601) 716-2178

P,  CCA SP Poles
12 Stella-Jones Arlington, WA

(360) 435-2146

P, N DF, WC, YC Poles
13 Brooks Mfg. Company Bellingham, WA

(360) 733-1700

P DF Xarms
15 Stella-Jones Canada Inc. Galloway

BC, Canada

(250) 429-3493

P LP, WC, DF, YC Poles
16 McFarland Cascade

Pole & Lumber Co.

Eugene, OR

(541) 689-1278

P DF Poles
18 McFarland Cascade – Silver Springs Silver Springs, NV

(775) 577-2000

P DF Poles
19 Kisatchie

Treating, LLC

Converse, LA

(318) 645-7525

CCA, C SP Poles
20 Permapost

Products Co.

Hillsboro, OR

(503) 648-4156

P DF Xarms-TSO
23 DeSoto TMC Wiggins, MS

(601) 928-3921

CCA SP Poles
25 W.C. Meredith Co, Inc. East Point, GA

(404) 767-2621

P SP Poles
26 Dis-Tran Wood

Products, LLC

Vancouver, WA

(360) 735-9356

P DF Xarms
27 Dis-Tran

Products Inc.

Alexandria, LA

(318) 640-6892

P SP, DF Xarms
31 McFarland Cascade

Pole & Lumber Co.

Tacoma, WA

(253) 572-3033

P DF, WC, YC Poles
32 Conrad Forest Products Arbuckle, CA

(530) 476-2894

N DF Poles
33 Carpenter’s Pole &

Piling Co., LLC

Picayune, MS

(601) 749-7140

CCA, C SP Poles
34 Brisco Wood

Preservers, Ltd.


BC, Canada

(250) 346-3315

CCA WC, LP, YC Poles
35 McFarland Cascade Rison, AR

(870) 325-7070

P, CCA SP Poles
38 Bell Lumber &

Pole Company

New Brighton, MN

(651) 633-4334

P WC, NP, DF, SP Poles
40 Robbins

Manufacturing Co.

Tampa, FL

(813) 971-3030

CCA SP Poles
42 Carpenter Pole &

Piling Company

Wiggins, MS

(601) 716-6114

CCA SP Poles
43 Baldwin Pole & Piling Bay Minette, AL

(251) 937-2141

CCA, P SP Poles
46 Atlantic Pole and Piling

a division of Cox Industries, Inc.

Vidalia, GA

(912) 537-4188

P NP Poles
48 J. H. Baxter Eugene, OR

(541) 689-3801

ACZA, C, P DF Poles
50 Huxford Pole &

Timber Co., Inc.

Huxford, AL

(251) 294-5495

P, CCA SP Poles
52 Stella-Jones Inc. Prince George

BC, Canada

(250) 561-1161

P LP, WC, YC Poles
53 Hydrolake

Leasing & Services

McBain, MI

(231) 825-2233

CCA NP Poles
54 Lufkin Creosoting Co., Inc. Lufkin, TX

(936) 634-4927

C SP Poles
56 Bell Lumber & Pole Company Broken Bow, OK


P SP Poles
57 Cahaba Pressure Treated Forest Products Brierfield, AL

(205) 926-9888

P, C, N, CCA SP Poles
59 Pennington

Crossarm Co.

Eugene, OR

(541) 343-6968

P DF Xarms
60 Apalachee Pole Company Bristol, FL

(850) 643-2121

CCA SP Poles
61 T.R. Miller Mill Company Brewton, AL

(251) 867-1285

CCA, P SP Poles
62 Stella-Jones Inc. New Westminster

BC, Canada

(604) 521-4385

P, C, CCA DF, WC, YC Poles
64 Oklahoma Pole &

Lumber, Inc.

Broken Bow, OK

(580) 835-2255

P SP Poles
65 Bell Lumber & Pole Company Sidney, NE


P WC, DF, NP, SP Poles
67 Ace Pole Company Waycross, GA

(912) 449-4011

CCA SP Poles
70 Stella-Jones

Canada Inc.


Alberta, Canada

(403) 934-4600

P WC, LP, DF, YC Poles
71 Brown Wood

Preserving Company

Kennedy, AL

(205) 934-4600

P, CCA SP Poles
73 Electric Mills

Wood Preserving

Scooba, MS

(662) 476-8000

P SP Poles
76 Macon Treating Company Macon, MS

(662) 726-2932

CCA SP Poles
78 Carolina Pole, Inc. Leland, NC

(910) 371-3131

P, CCA SP Poles
80 Kisatchie Treating Company Alexandria, LA

(318) 442-2467

C, P, CCA SP Poles

Species:  SP—Southern Pine • DF—Douglas Fir • LP—Lodgepole Pine • YC—Alaska Yellow Cedar

WC—Western Red Cedar • NP—Northern or Red Pine • PP—Ponderosa Pine

Preservatives:  P—Pentachlorophenol • C—Creosote • N—Copper Naphthenate

CCA—Chromated Copper Arsenate • ACZA—Ammoniacal Copper Zinc Arsenate

Major Product: TSO—Treating Service Only